Subdivision & Blocks

Navsari District has three Sub Division namely NAVSARI,CHIKHLI and  VANSADA for   administrative convenience, A Revenue division is headed by Prant Officer in Cadre of Dy. Collector, He is also the Sub Divisional Magistrate having jurisdiction over his division.

Blocks or Talukas :A sub-division in divided among blocks.Navsari District consists of six talukas, Every Taluka is headed by a Mamlatdar (Tehsildar).

Under section- 8 and 9 of the land Revenue Act 1879 the Prant officer enjoys power of land revenue administration and exercises power of sub divisional officer by virtue of his office. The Prant officer is a coordination officer of Taluka and exercises control on affairs of other offices of the state government. Moreover, he supervises the work of local self government bodies and revenue work transferred to Panchayats. He acts as Asst. electoral officer of Loksabha and election officer of Vidhansabha. He also works as election registration officer and electoral officer in election of local self government bodies.

Matters that dealt by Prant Officers :

  • To expedite non-agriculture assessment, land revenue, education cess, violation of term and dispose of government waste land and thereby increase govt. receipt.
  • To increase receipt by stamp duty recovery, assessment and increased registration.
  • Increase receipt through vigorous efforts of hotel licenses, video, cable TV theater and hotel, inspection and recovery of entertainment tax.
  • Work of minerals, to prevent illegal mining and make efforts to increase royalty.
  • To prevent malpractice, increase receipt and tax evasion under Sales Tax Act
  • To strengthen P.D.S. active enforcement in cases of PBM cases and ration cards. Antyodaya Yojana.
  • Solution of issues of urban areas and regulation on administration of Municipality.
  • Implementation of schemes of Child welfare and social security assistance to widows and destitute and old persons.
  • To play an effective role in disposal of issues presented in Gram Sabha and revenue activities handed over to Panchayat.
  • Training under E-governance, Civil Centre, issues presented in Lok Darbar and implementation of citizens Charter in true spirit.
  • To perform field duty as per norm of the government.
  • Effective scrutiny of sub ordinate officers at sub divisional level and revenue record.
  • Check work of city survey.
  • To start campaign for encroachment, recovery of government dues, cases of violation of non-agri. land, recovery of non-agri. assessment, disposal of record of right entries.
  • Strengthening process of tenancy, land acquisition.
  • To ensure disposal of application in time bound manner files and applications of people.
  • To take effective steps for E-Dhara, Land Record computerization revenue promulgation.
  • Effective implementation of disaster management and rehabilitation.
Sub-Division (Prant)
Office Contact No EMail Office Address
Prant,Chikhali 02637233544 pochikhli2011[at]gmail[dot]com Taluka Seva Sadan, Vansda Road, Chikhli, TA-Chikhli
Prant,Navsari 02637258033 po-nav[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]in Taluka Seva Sadan, 2nd floor, Grid Road, Navsari
Prant,Vansada 02630222165 prantvansda[at]gmail[dot]com Taluka Seva Sadan, 1 st Floor, Vansda, TA-Vansda
Mamlatdar Offices of Navsari District
Office Contact No Email Office Address
Mamlatdar Office, Chikhli 02634232228 mam-chikhli[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]in Taluka Seva Sadan, Chikhli
Mamlatdar Office, Gandevi 02634262436 mam-gandevi[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]in Taluka Seva Sadan, Gandevi
Mamlatdar Office, Jalalpore 02637246945 mam-jalalpur[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]in Taluka Seva Sadan, Ground Floor,Grid Road,Kaliyawadi, Navsari
Mamlatdar Office, Khergam 02634220300 mam-kher-nav[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]in Taluka Seva Sadan, Khergam
Mamlatdar Office, Navsari (City) 02637259109 mam-navcity[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]in Taluka Seva Sadan, 2nd Floor, Grid Road, Kaliyawadi,Navsari
Mamlatdar Office, Navsari (Rural) 02637258781 mam-navsari[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]in Taluka Seva Sadan, 1st Floor, Grid Road, Kaliyawadi, Navsari
Mamlatdar Office, Vansada 02630222221 mam-vansda[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]in Taluka Seva Sadan, Ground Floor, Vansada